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Blog Why do athletes need medical support?
Antoni Krokowicz Jul 2, 2019

Blog Why do athletes need medical support?

Doing competitive sports can lead to many diseases. Find out how to maintain the proper probiotic flora in your intestines and what colostrum supplementation can give you, especially if you like sport.

Allergy to milk and mare`s milk? - video
Antoni Krokowicz May 14, 2019

Allergy to milk and mare`s milk? - video

Allergy to cow's milk is an increasing problem to solve for not only children and mothers but also other adults. Find out how mare's milk can solve this problem.

Colostrum, a way to improve immunity in children!

Many parents are worried that their children often are ill. They are looking for a way to improve the immunity of their children. Nature has created a series of substances that can strengthen the child's immune system. But there are also substance which properties are not widely known. One of them is colostrum. How do products containing colostrum work? How do they affect the body?

SIBO - What is it? How to diagnose, treat and nourish a patient with SIBO? (video)

SIBO - Small Intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Find out what is behind this long and mysterious name and why colostrum bovinum should be used during the treatment of this disease.

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