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Allergy to milk and mare`s milk? - video

Antoni Krokowicz May 14, 2019
Allergy to milk and mare`s milk? - video

Allergy to cow's milk is an increasing problem to solve for not only children and mothers but also other adults. Find out how mare's milk can solve this problem.

Cow's milk allergy is an increasingly common problem, especially for children. More specifically, it is an allergy to proteins found in cow's milk - beta-lactoglobulin or casein. One of the ways to cope with this problem is to drink the milk of other mammals - goats, mares or sheep.

The most valuable is the mares' milk due to the fact that the composition of its proteins is similar to the composition of proteins in female milk.

In both types of milk, whey proteins predominate, whereas in case of cow's or goat's milk, caseins prevail.

Additionally, caseins present in mare's milk or female milk differ from the casein in cow's or goat milk, because during digestion they form a delicate, easy to digest, precipitate instead of a curd. Therefore, it is not possible to make cheese from mare's milk.

Mare's milk is an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

We encourage you to watch the video below, which will give you more information about the mare's milk.

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