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Blog Why do athletes need medical support?

Antoni Krokowicz Jul 2, 2019
Blog Why do athletes need medical support?

Doing competitive sports can lead to many diseases. Find out how to maintain the proper probiotic flora in your intestines and what colostrum supplementation can give you, especially if you like sport.


Doing sport is sometimes associated with the common understanding of a healthy lifestyle. In reality, however, the health of an athletes, especially when they are engaged in competitive sport, is exposed to numerous threats, for example:

  • extreme physical activity in thermal conditions and humidity create favorable conditions for infection,
  • long-lasting physical effort with very high intensity, often associated with straining only selected parts of the musculoskeletal system,
  • lack of sufficient time for full regeneration after exercise,
  • micro-injuries resulting from extreme stretching and strain of muscles and connective tissue,
  • macro-injuries resulting from injury,
  • long-lasting states of increased mental tension related to the competitive nature of competitive sport,
  • a diet which provides maximum physical efficiency, but at the same time has not many components needed for the proper functioning of other body functions,
  • supplementation required for the extreme improvement of the athlete's efficiency that may cause various types of load for the digestive tract and systemic metabolism.

All this means that practically every professional athlete requires at least some kind of medical support from time to time. Unfortunately, medical interventions may create further need of interferences in the athlete's body by chain reaction.


In the life of every mammal, a significant part of the above mentioned health threats occur in natural conditions - at the time of birth. Therefore, over the millions of years of evolution it was created a natural supplement to support the nascent mammal - colostrum or beestings. Thanks to the possibility of obtaining colostrum bovinum, which contains about 250 biologically active components very similar to those contained in the human colostrum, we can support our body also outside the perinatal period.

The colostrum components are responsible for immunomodulatory, nutritional, energy and protective properties, contribute to the proper functioning of the intestinal barrier, increase physical endurance and regeneration after workout, support mental motivation to exercise during long-lasting training and have a strong antioxidant effect.

To a certain extent, the mare's milk, which is also a powerful antioxidant and a hypoallergic product, is similar to colostrum.

Supplementation and treatment of athletes with preparations containing colostrum and / or mare's milk is one of the most obvious applications. These preparations provide natural protection and support for the athlete's body, helping to solve almost all of the aforementioned problems related to strenuous training and sports competitions effectively. All the effects have been proven during laboratory and clinical studies carried out with both colostrum and mares' milk as combined preparations, as well as with some of the several hundred active biological substances included in them.


    Preparations containing colostrum and mare's milk have a very strong effect on the immune system, both by regulating the function of the intestine - the most important organ responsible for human systemic immunity, and by direct supporting of other elements of the immune system. Research shows that supplementation with these preparations can provide much better protection against seasonal respiratory infections than influenza vaccines. In addition, in the case of infection, administration of colostrum, especially to a person who has undergone initial supplementation before the infectious season (fall / winter), ensures quick recovery. This is especially important for athletes who are exposed to weather conditions which create favorable conditions for infections on the one hand and to contact other infected athletes and spectators on the other hand. However, it is important to avoid infections that interrupt preparations for sports competitions or attendance in sports competitions.


      Colostrum and mare's milk are a very rich source of building and regulatory materials for the reconstruction and expansion of structures in the body needed for its efficient functioning, including muscle.

      This is a delicate but significant support for generating increased strength and efficiency of the athlete's body.

      Immuno Colostrum EQ and Immuno Colostrum Active contain the so-called essential amino acids (exogenous) in large quantities, which supply to the building of extremely important proteins of the body depends on their content in the diet. Proper amount of these amino acids in the body is also ensured by a mixture of regulatory substances such as cytokines hormones, vitamins and microelements, perfectly matched by the nature which are present in the colostrum and mare's milk. Such a mixture is not a doping hazard because its content is small and almost on physiological level.


        Active substances contained in the colostrum and mare's milk are responsible for the enormous protective potential against the extension of tissue damage as a result of, among others, inflammation as well as oxidative stress caused by it. They also enable quick and extremely efficient reconstruction of tissue damage. Practically, every athlete is exposed to micro-injuries of muscles and connective tissue resulting from the excessive physical effort every day. Because it is impossible to avoid such damages, you should ensure that they are healed without scars which could limit the mobility and overall efficiency of the body. The same applies to tissue damage resulting from sports-related injuries. Therefore, every athlete can take serious benefits from the use of supplements with Immuno Colostrum EQ and Immuno Colostrum Active. Immuno Colostrum EQ, in addition to the richness of substances contained in colostrum that improve the healing, contains antioxidants contained in large quantities in the mare's milk (protecting against oxidative stress). In turn, the high content of vitamin C in Immuno Colostrum Active in addition to the antioxidant effect provides even better inflammatory and regenerative processes.

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