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Sealing the intestine - scientifically proven colostrum effect.

Antoni Krokowicz Jan 4, 2019
Sealing the intestine - scientifically proven colostrum effect.

Colostrum bovinum is the only substance that has clinically proven activity to reduce excessive intestinal permeability.

Groundbreaking results of research on colostrum bovinum.

Scientists from the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin conducted intensive clinical trials involving Genostiv colostrum. They proved that taking preparations based on the so-called the first milk (colostrum) can seal the intestines and prevent the development of some autoimmune diseases. The results of the research have already been published in the international and prestigious nutritional journal Nutrients.

What is the penetration of the intestinal barrier, i.e. the so-called: leaky gut?

The leaking gut is called a condition in which the intestinal epithelium is damaged or leaking for another reason into the tissues and, consequently, too large components of the digestive contents enter the blood circulation system. They may be undigested protein chains, fats and waste substances, but also, in extreme situations, harmful microorganisms, fungi and parasites. In a healthy body, these elements do not penetrate through the natural intestinal / blood barrier.

Why is the excessive permeability of the intestinal barrier harmful to us?

Although this is a poorly described issue, the two areas are not controversal - autoimmune diseases, or more precisely - different pathologies developing on the basis of II or III type of hypersensitivity according to Gell and Coombs, and allergies which develop mainly, but not exclusively on the basis of type I hypersensitivity. In addition, excessive penetration of the intestinal barrier causes a significantly increased risk of inflammation in the intestinal wall, which is probably the basis of the development of the abovementioned hypersensitivity and may also be associated with the development of diseases such as Crohn's disease or colitis ulcerosa. Another pathological effect of excessive intestinal permeability is the influx of toxic nutrients into peripheral tissues, especially liver, which is the first prey of such toxicity.

What is a proven effect of colostrum?

A very important conclusion of this study is that the intestinal barrier is positively affected by colostrum. The highest quality of this product ensures the effectiveness of action because colostrum is taken in the first few hours from a good source and processed in the lyophilization process.

The most important conclusions from scientific research on colostrum:

  • Colostrum reduces the excessive permeability of the intestinal barrier. This action is independent of whether the mechanism of this leaky epithelium was dependent on zonulina or if it was created in a different way, e.g. due to inflammation or toxic effects of some drugs or diet components.
  • Colostrum which has prebiotic properties, supports bacterial growth beneficial to the digestive tract.
  • Bioactive components of colostrum (lactoferrin, lysozyme, lactalbumin) fight against pathogens present in the digestive tract (pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses)
  • These properties help to improve the condition of the intestinal mucosa, which leads to the reduction of the intestinal barrier's excessive penetration.

Link to the original test results at Nutrients website https://goo.gl/5p7CcZ

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