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Packaging: 100 ml

COLOSREGEN serum hair growth factor is an innovative combination of carefully selected, natural active ingredients.

COLOSREGEN serum benefits:

1. Strong stimulation of hair growth in children, women and men,

2. Inhibition of hair loss and thinning as well as creation of balding temples,

3. Caring for the proper functioning of the scalp.

Application of the COLOSREGEN serum:

1. care of scalp and hair with a tendency of falling out, thinning, creating balding temples or slow growth, balding of various origins,

2. support of regeneration of skin damaged as a result of scalp diseases,

3. support of scalp regeneration after dermatosurgical procedures, mesotherapy, transplants requiring efficient healing and reconstruction of the natural bacterial flora and the hydrolipid layer of the skin.

The innovative combination of natural active ingredients of the ColosRegen serum suppresses hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

Bioactive colostrum bovinum - the highest quality bioactive colostrum bovinum used in the ColosRegen serum is obtained during the first two hours after calving, making it a unique richest source of natural substances with immune activity, growth factors, vitamins and minerals. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) favorably affect the process of reconstruction and regeneration of the skin and hair follicles. Lactoferrin and lysozyme have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Mere`s milk - is a source of vitamins, mineral salts and albumin proteins responsible for the proper hydration of cells and maintaining the normal pH of the skin. It contains large amounts of natural active substances with regulatory, enzymatic and hormonal effects. The lysozyme presented in the mare`s milk supports the regeneration of the skin and increases its resistance to external conditions.

Silk proteins - proteins (fibroin and sericin) and amino acids having the similar structure to the skin and hair proteins. Therefore they easily penetrate into the hair structure and the skin's epidermis, increasing the effect of deep hydration and delaying the aging process. As a result, the skin becomes suppled and elastic.

Typical male alopecia - Use: ColosRegen serum 1-2 times daily plus 2 Colostrigen capsules per day

- the beginning of the treatment

- after 4 weeks of treatment


Female alopecia, patient aged 24 - application: for 4 months once a week, trichological treatment + application of the ColosRegen serum, then at home for one and a half years - application of the ColosRegen serum after each head washing + Colostrigen 1 capsule daily.

- before treatment

- after 6 months

- after 12 months of treatment


Apply the serum on damp or dry scalp in the places of intensive hair loss / thinning (balding temples, scalp, top of the head, tonsure) or in the area of ​​irritated skin. Usually, it is used the amount taken three times with a pipette. Serum must be rubbed in the scalp and left to be completely absorbed and dried. Then comb your hair. Do not rinse!

It is recommended to daily care for the scalp with a serum for a minimum of 3 months. Then, to maintain the obtained effect, use the serum systematically at least once a week. One packaging is enough for one month of full treatment.

The glass tip should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

For external use only.

The ColosRegen serum hair growth factor does not cause that hair becomes greasy or sticky. Leave the serum to be absorbed and dried and then comb your hair.

With intense sun exposure, spread the serum over the entire length of the hair to protect the hair color from harmful UV rays and wind.

Eliminate the problem also from the inside

To enhance the effects, it is recommended to use the COLOSTRIGEN capsule as a dietary supplement. The synergy effect gives a visible increase in the effectiveness of the therapy. Recommended use - 1-2 capsules a day for 2 months; repeat 4 x a year.

Only the regular use of the ColosRegen serum ensures the intended results.

Hair, what are your benefits?





The only colostrum on the market obtained only in the first two hours, which effects have been proven in clinical trials.1.


Full, unmodified colostrum, without any additional substances.

Unique composition

Silk proteins are an excellent building material. Amino acids with lower molecular weight can get into the interior of both damaged and undamaged hair or into the skin's epidermis, increasing and preserving the effect of deep hydration. As a result, the skin becomes elastic and less tense. Colostrum bovinum and mare's milk also soothe the scalp irritations.

What distinguishes Colosregen shampoo?

The unique composition of our shampoo stimulates the scalp and hair. At the same time, the use of natural substances such as colostrum or mare's milk makes it delicate enough that it can be successfully used by children. Hair becomes strong and shiny, and the scalp is healthy and elastic.

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