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Produced by Genactiv Trade Sp. z o.o.
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Protection of the scalp for people who colour, bleach and perm their hair.

The multipack contains 9 single units.

The chemical compounds found in hair dyes and liquids for bleaching or permanent perms must have a strong effect on the dead hair structure to achieve the desired effect.

Unfortunately, they also have a very negative impact on the scalp and hair bulbs. Before applying these treatments, it is necessary to protect the scalp and hair follicles.

The protection of the scalp is particularly important when:

• treatments are repeated quite often (e.g. coloring every few weeks),

• the scalp is sensitive or a scalp diseases is found,

• frequent hair loss.

ColosRegen Bloker is:

• a curtain to protect the scalp from the harmful effects of chemicals used during hairdressing,

• healthy, strong hair, not destroyed by strong chemical compounds,

• safety of treatments even for scalp or hair diseases, less allergic reactions, irritation and pruritus.

ColosRegen Bloker benefits:

• short-term shrinking of the scalp for the duration of chemical treatments,

• protection against the penetration of harmful substances into the hair follicles,

• cover for growing new hair.

Apply the bloker directly to the scalp 5 to 10 minutes before the treatment. It is usually used about 10 ml of liquid.

After rubbing in, the scalp and cuticle will cover with a protective layer.

The blocker's action is neutral and does not affect the coloring, covering of gray hair or perm.

The skin of the head after coloring with the protection using the ColosRegen blocker. Clean skin, hair follicles with no trace of dye.

The scalp after coloring without protection against dye. Visible spots of dye on the skin and hair follicles.

Packaging: 9 X 10 ml

Hair, what are your benefits?





The only colostrum on the market obtained only in the first two hours, which effects have been proven in clinical trials.1.


Full, unmodified colostrum, without any additional substances.

Unique composition

Silk proteins are an excellent building material. Amino acids with lower molecular weight can get into the interior of both damaged and undamaged hair or into the skin's epidermis, increasing and preserving the effect of deep hydration. As a result, the skin becomes elastic and less tense. Colostrum bovinum and mare's milk also soothe the scalp irritations.

What distinguishes Colosregen shampoo?

The unique composition of our shampoo stimulates the scalp and hair. At the same time, the use of natural substances such as colostrum or mare's milk makes it delicate enough that it can be successfully used by children. Hair becomes strong and shiny, and the scalp is healthy and elastic.

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