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Bartek Lipka

Bartek Lipka, CrossFit player and owner of the first affiliate club CrossFit R99 in Warsaw, which was established in 2012. He has been an athlete since childhood. From an early age he played football, then fighting sports, swimming. He had trained karate from the age of 10 until student times. Then MMA appeared as a mixed fighting sport.
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Bartek's greatest achievements:
  • The Fittest Man in Poland in 2014,2015,2016 and 2017, which is the title of the fittest Pole
  • In 2014, as the first Pole in history, I attended the CrossFit Games Regionals.
Bartek Lipka

In the life of an athlete, the smallest details can determine his/her sports results. Therefore I pay attention to everything I do. Besides the training, the most important think is regeneration, which consists of diet and supplementation. The latter plays a key role in the whole process. I choose only the highest quality products.

For almost two years I have used Genostiv products regularly which contain colostrum and I can not imagine that I could exclude them from the diet.

After the first few weeks of use, I noticed a difference in my well-being because my immunity was increased and after training my body regenerated faster.

My overall physical endurance was improved significantly, and stress was clearly reduced. I am convinced that colostrum which I was taken affected my physical endurance because it was a new supplement that I introduced and tested.

In addition, it was the time when I started to be interested in the influence of the intestinal flora on the functioning of the whole organism. Colostrum turned out to be the best product that I could find in the fight against bacteria and intestinal leaks. Suddenly, the whole organism began to work much more efficiently and the previous intestinal problems disappeared. Resistance to diseases and colds was also much better.

Morover, thanks to Genactiv products, my skin, especially the hands, which are heavily used in CrossFit training, regenerated much faster and was much more resistant to damage. Before, I did not know such an effective way of dealing with this type of ailments. Genactiv cream containing colostrum is irreplaceable in the fight with torn epidermis and perfectly nourishes my skin.

I think highly of Genactiv products for the highest quality of components and a beneficial influence on the functioning of my entire body, which is subject to many overloads every day.

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