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After how much time from the start of lactation should colostrum be obtained to maintain its unique properties?

Colostrum is produced in milk glands only for the first few hours after the start of lactation. Its composition gradually changes into milk. Some producers offer "colostrum" even from the first 7 days, and very few ones from the first 2 days.

Genactiv obtains top quality colostrum only within 1-2 hours of from the start of lactation.

Has Genactiv colostrum been processed?

Contrary to the descriptions on the packaging of other products, colostrum, which has been changed by removing fat, casein or other components is no longer a natural colostrum. Its activity is not identical to the activity of a natural colostrum, which gives the best results in natural conditions.

Colostrum produced by Genactiv is not subject to any modifications. Genactiv products are completely natural.

How is the colostrum / mare's milk dried?

Only the freezing and lyophilization method guarantees maintaining the biological value of the fresh product. The process temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius at any time. As a result, active protein compounds are not subject to the denaturation process.

Drying at high temperature changes the properties of the raw material - valuable active substances are destroyed, the taste and smell of the obtained dry product changes too.

The lyophilization process is way slower and more expensive than the drying process at high temperature, but it guarantees the preservation of the properties of the natural product.

Genactiv uses an original method developed for drying colostrum at low temperatures, using freezing and lyophilization processes. As a result, the colostrum produced by Genactiv preserves the full value of the fresh product.

Is obtaining colostrum or milk harmful for calves or foals?

In case of obtaining colostrum, Genactiv uses only its surplus which can not be drunk by the calf. The amount of colostrum produced by a cow is usually greater than the calf needs.

In the case of mare's milk - Genactiv takes milk only since the second month of foal's life. At that time, the foal also gets solid feed and does not need a large amount of mare`s milk.

Can colostrum be taken with other medicines?

There are no contraindications to take colostrum with other medicines. Only in case of immunosuppressive therapy and taking systemic steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, colostrum may not achieve the expected effect, although such supplementation is not harmful to the patient.

Can you overdose on colostrum?

Colostrum is a product that in natural conditions is taken by newborns in any amount. It is not possible to overdose on colostrum, because the intestine perfectly regulates the amount of absorbed active substances contained in it.

Can colostrum be used in cancer treatment?

Colostrum has supportive properties and regulates the immune system. In addition, some of its components (e.g. lactoferrin) have a documented direct action against certain cancers, e.g. by reducing iron in it or curbing the incorporation of new blood vessels into the tumor. However, there are no detailed data concerning all types of cancer. However, no activity of colostrum that could promote the development of cancer was found.

The undoubted advantage of using colostrum during the treatment of cancer is the acceleration and improvement of the reconstruction of the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow, which is damaged during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Colostrum can not replace other drugs during anti-cancer treatment, but its use can significantly improve the patient's natural potential in the fight against cancer.

Can colostrum be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

There are no contraindications to take colostrum during pregnancy and breastfeeding, if the patient is not allergic to the components of colostrum.

Can people allergic to cow's milk proteins be allergic to colostrum?

An allergic reaction is possible when colostrum is taken by people who are allergic to cow's milk. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and observe the reactions at the first intake of colostrum. In this case, if you want to determine if there is an allergic reaction to colostrum, you can put a little amount of the contents of the capsule or sachet on the mucous membrane in the mouth and observe if redness or swelling appears.

At what age can colostrum be used?

Colostrum can be used practically from the time of introduction of cow's milk into the diet, provided that no symptoms of allergy to dairy products are observed. It is best to start supplementation from the age of 2, when the immune system achieves a satisfactory state of maturity.

What is colostrum and what properties are important for sports training?

Modern sport requires preparations that not only support the training effect, but also counteract the excessive exhaustion of the athlete's body.

These products should have high and effective strength and maintain full safety for the athlete's body. An exceptional product that meets these assumptions regarding healthy values ​​that sport supplements must comply with is colostrum - the most valuable organic product known in nature. Colostrum is a mammary gland secretion of mammals during the perinatal period. Colostrum contains more than 250 chemical substances and almost 40-fold increase in the proportion of biologically active ingredients, compared to milk, such as: hormones, enzymes, polyamides, nucleic acid derivatives, amino acid derivatives and others. It also contains bacteriostatic coomponents, for example: immunoglobulins, lactoperoxidases, lactenin, lactoferrin, lysozyme and leukocytes. Colostrum also includes biologically active carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

Colostrum ingredients:

  • are responsible for immunomodulatory, nutritional, energy and protective properties,
  • increase endurance and regeneration after workout and they have a strong antioxidant effect.
How do the components of colostrum support the immune system of athletes who work out intensely?

Many colostrum components have beneficial effect on the body loaded with intense sports training:

  • Casein
  • it is not only a source of free amino acids but also biologically active proteins. These proteins have immunostimulatory effect, lower blood pressure, and inhibit platelet aggregation.
  • Whey proteins: beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin, serum albumin, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, proline rich polypeptide (PRP).
    • Beta lactoglobulin - necessary for the transport of vitamin A.
    • Alpha lactalbumin - it has a bactericidal and antiviral effect.
    • Serum albumin - acts as a transporter for fatty acids.
    • Immunoglobulin - has a very high activity in anti-infective immunity. It is rich in antibodies that neutralize viruses and opsonize bacteria.
    • Lactoferrin - belongs to the most important colostrum proteins that are important in stimulating immunity in the body subjected to intense sports training. The most important biological functions of lactoferrin include: regulation of iron absorption in intesine, antibacterial properties, antiviral properties, antifungal properties, antiparasitic properties, properties regulating intestinal microflora. It also has a significant effect on the immune system - it affects the maturation of immune system cells and the body's inflammatory response, and regulates the humoral and cellular immune response.
    • Lactoperoxidase - is an enzyme with a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity. It has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect.
    • Lysozyme - is a bactericidal substance affecting the walls of Gram-positive bacteria.
    • Proline-rich polypeptide (PRP) - it has the ability to stimulate a humoral response.
Does intensive sports training affect the efficiency of the immune system?

After intense physical exercise, the activity of both nonspecific and specific immune defenses is reduced. A reduction in the efficiency of NK cells, neutrophils and macrophages in the pathogen destruction process can be observed, as well as a decreased concentration of sIgA, complement components and some immunoglobulin subclasses. The changes in the immune system, the stress accompanying competitive sport and emotional disorders associated with it are the cause of frequent and recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract of professional athletes.

How does colostrum affect the increase of physical endurance and regeneration after workout?

Endurance is the ability of the human body to continue long-term physical effort with the required intensity and maintaining the highest possible efficiency of work and maintaining an increased resistance to fatigue. One of the basic, inherent consequence of long-term effort is the fatigue process. Exhaustive sports trainings increase the demand for energy-giving amino acids such as alanine, leucine, and isoleucine as well as amino acids that suppress the fatigue process. The colostrum proteins contain very large amounts of branched chain amino acids - BCAA, i.e: leucine, isoleucine and valine. Like all other amino acids, they must also be taken with food. They mainly participate in reactions to stress, muscle metabolism and energy. BCAAs are intensively oxidized and are an important source of energy if glycogen levels in the muscles decrease significantly as a result of long-term work of muscles.

In the nutrition process, the amount of protein consumed is not important but rather the creation of specific conditions that allow it to be used optimally by the body. Therefore, an important element of nutrition after training, in addition to the single portion of protein, is its nutritional value and content of other non-protein components in nutrients that have a significant impact on the absorption and metabolism of amino acids in the body. Protein is used most efficiently when it is consumed in the presence of carbohydrates in the ratio of 1:4. Consumption of colostrum ensures this standard of normal physiology. Carbohydrates contained in colostrum provide the right amount of energy for the protein assimilation, and also increase the secretion of insulin - an anabolic hormone responsible, among others, for increased storage of amino acid in the muscles.

What causes that colostrum consumption increase athletes' motivation for long-term effort?

Branched amino acids are one of the most important components of colostrum supporting the sports effort as endurance. Branched amino acids contained in colostrum effectively prevent central nervous system fatigue during long-term muscle work, and also play a significant role in energy processes and protect muscle fibers from the unfavorable catabolism process. During intense muscular work, you can observe a decrease of muscle glycogen and the concentration of BCAA in the blood plasma, which in turn has an impact on increasing the amount of free tryptophan. An increased amount of tryptophan causes that the level of serotonin in the brain increases, causing drowsiness and fatigue. Taking colostrum before the effort, reduces the access of tryptophan to the brain cells. The synthesis of the brain neurotransmitter of serotonin is decreased and fatigue at the level of the central nervous system is delayed.

Branched amino acids contained in colostrum, make muscle work longer. This is caused by increasing mental resistance, as well as improving energy transformation.

What active components of colostrum bovinum are responsible for its antioxidant properties?

During intensive exercise, the oxygen uptake increases up to several times, thus the number of free radicals increases. Intense exercise also enables release of free radicals from other sources than cellular respiration. Such sources can be: ATP decay process, amino acid breakdown processes, tissue damage processes which causes that iron ions weakly bound to protein are released and in this situation lipid peroxidation processes are activated. Research confirms that enriching the diet of athletes in sets of various antioxidant substances is very important. Colostrum fulfills this role perfectly thanks to the rich complex of natural antioxidants that improve the system of removing reactive oxygen species. Colostrum contains an ideal combination of valuable, natural antioxidants, contributing to real improvement of sport results.

  • Vitamin E- the content of vitamin E in colostrum bovinum is 10,000 μg / l. It is considered as one of the best biological antioxidants. The fat is especially important for the bioavailability of vitamin E.
  • Vitamin A- the content of vitamin A in colostrum bovinum is 10,000 IU / L. It is an important component of colostrum with antioxidant properties. Antioxidant effect means that vitamin A catches active singlet oxygen and removes peroxide radicals and inhibits lipid peroxidation in the tissue, where partial pressure of oxygen is low. Vitamin A contained in the colostrum is the best absorbable form of vitamin A by the human body.
  • Vitamin C - the content of vitamin C in colostrum bovinum is 4μg / l. Ascorbic acid contained in the colostrum is very well absorbed.
  • Selenium- the content of selenium in colostrum bovinum is 50μg / l. Selenium is part of glutathione peroxidase - an enzyme that protects cell membranes and erythrocytes against free radicals. It is also an important component of the thioredoxin reductase which is a key antioxidant. Selenium contained in colostrum helps to remove toxic heavy metals from the body and is involved in the production of prostaglandins - substance that prevent inflammation.
  • Zinc - the content of zinc in colostrum bovinum is 12,000 μg / l. Zinc acts in various ways and is an important component of the antioxidant defense system.
  • Lactoferrin - is an antioxidant which can protect not only the intestines and the immune system, but the whole athlete's body, which is particularly susceptible to oxygen damage of reactive oxygen species.
  • Colostrum bovinum is a source of precursors for the synthesis of many antioxidants: glutathione, melatonin and superoxide dismutase.
Why do athletes need medical support?

Doing professional sport is usually associated with the common understanding of a healthy lifestyle. In reality, however, the health of a professional athlete is exposed to very numerous threats:

  • extreme physical activity in thermal conditions and humidity create favorable conditions for infection,
  • long-lasting physical effort with very high intensity, often associated with straining only selected parts of the musculoskeletal system,
  • lack of sufficient time for full regeneration after exercise,
  • micro-injuries resulting from extreme stretching and strain of muscles and connective tissue,
  • macro injuries resulting from injury,
  • long periods of increased mental tension related to the competitive nature of professional sport,
  • a diet which provides maximum physical efficiency, but at the same time has not many components needed for the proper functioning of other body functions,
  • supplementation required for the extreme improvement of the athlete's efficiency that may cause various types of load for the digestive tract and systemic metabolism.

All this means that practically every professional athlete requires at least some kind of medical support from time to time. Unfortunately, medical interventions may create further need of interferences in the athlete's body by chain reaction.

In the life of every mammal, a significant part of the above mentioned health threats occur in natural conditions - at the time of birth. Therefore, over the millions of years of evolution it was created a natural supplement to support the nascent mammal - colostrum or beestings. Thanks to the possibility of obtaining bovine colostrum (colostrum bovinum), which contains about 250 biologically active components very similar to those contained in the human colostrum, we can support our body also outside the perinatal period. The mare's milk, which is also a powerful antioxidant and a hypoallergic product has, to a certain extent, properties similar to colostrum.

Why do athletes need ImmunoColostrum EQ or ImmunoColostrum Active?

One of the most obvious applications of preparations containing colostrum and / or mare's milk is supplementation and treatment of athletes. These preparations provide natural protection and support for the athlete's body, helping to solve almost all of the aforementioned problems related to strenuous training and sports competitions effectively. All the effects have been proven during laboratory and clinical studies carried out with both colostrum and mares' milk as combined preparations, as well as with some of the several hundred active biological substances included in them.

  • Prevention of infections and support in treatment of infections. Preparations containing colostrum and mare's milk have a very strong effect on the immune system, both by regulating the function of the intestine - the most important organ responsible for human systemic immunity, and by direct supporting of other elements of the immune system. Research shows that supplementation with these preparations (both Immuno Colostrum EQ and Immuno Colostrum Active) can provide much better protection against seasonal respiratory infections than influenza vaccines. In addition, in the case of infection, administration of colostrum, especially to a person who has undergone initial supplementation before the infectious season (fall / winter), ensures quick recovery. This is especially important for athletes who are exposed to weather conditions which create favorable conditions for infections on the one hand and to contact other infected athletes and spectators on the other hand. However, it is important to avoid infections that interrupt preparations for sports competitions or attendance in sports competitions.
  • Building and regulatory support of the body in conditions of extreme effort. Colostrum and mare's milk are a very rich source of building and regulatory materials for the reconstruction and expansion of structures in the body needed for its efficient functioning, including muscle. This is a delicate but significant support for generating increased strength and efficiency of the athlete's body. Immuno Colostrum EQ and Immuno Colostrum Active contain the so-called essential amino acids (exogenous) in large quantities, which supply to the building of extremely important proteins of the body depends on their content in the diet. Proper amount of these amino acids in the body is also ensured by a mixture of regulatory substances such as cytokines hormones, vitamins and microelements, perfectly matched by the nature which are present in the colostrum and mare's milk. Such a mixture is not a doping hazard because its content is small and almost on physiological level.
  • Radical improvement and acceleration of healing of damaged tissues. Active substances contained in the colostrum and mare's milk are responsible for the enormous protective potential against the extension of tissue damage as a result of, among others, inflammation as well as oxidative stress caused by it. They also enable quick and extremely efficient reconstruction of tissue damage. Practically, every athlete is exposed to micro-injuries of muscles and connective tissue resulting from the excessive physical effort every day. Because it is impossible to avoid such damages, you should ensure that they are healed without scars which could limit the mobility and overall efficiency of the body. The same applies to tissue damage resulting from sports-related injuries. Therefore, every athlete can take serious benefits from the use of supplements with Immuno Colostrum EQ and Immuno Colostrum Active. Immuno Colostrum EQ, in addition to the richness of substances contained in colostrum that improve the healing, contains antioxidants contained in large quantities in the mare's milk (protecting against oxidative stress). In turn, the high content of vitamin C in Immuno Colostrum Active in addition to the antioxidant effect provides even better inflammatory and regenerative processes.
  • Supporting of the mental function of athletes, including increasing motivation. Colostrum bovinum preparations have a very positive effect on certain intellectual processes although it is not clear what is the of such effect. It is know their influence on the improvement of memory functions in older people and on increasing motivation. The latter effect was also observed in athletes. In the conditions of long-lasting effort with considerable intensity, the motivation to continue it may decrease. Therefore, providing a supplement containing colostrum to athletes helps them overcome discouragement for further training and increases the will to win in sports competitions.
Is the use of ImmunoColostrum EQ or ImmunoColostrum Active safe for athletes?

Both preparations contain colostrum bov inum with black currant and banana or with mare's milk are 100% natural products. Additionally, colostrum and mare's milk are produced for the health and nutrition support of small, newborn mammals. Therefore, they can not contain anything harmful. Such safety of both colostrum bovinum and mare's milk is confirmed by the centuries-old tradition of their use in folk medicine (natural).

Considering the preparations for supplementation in sports, Immuno Colostrum EQ and Immuno Colostrum Active are distinguished not only by their natural origin, but also because they achieve their effect not because of the high content of individual ingredients, but because of their optimal and unique mutual proportion

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