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Marcin Filipiak

A competitor and Kettlebell Lifting weightlifting trainer. He runs his CF1 Gorzów Wlkp club. He has the CrossFit lvl 1 certificate and a weightlifting trainer in sport and kettlebell sport instructor.
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Marcin's greatest achievements:
  • 2018 - Kettlebell Lifting World Championships - International Kettlebell Lifting Federation
  • 2018 - European Championship Kettlebell Lifting - International Gira Sport Federation
  • 2018 - European Vice-Champio Kettlebell lifting in the relay Poland - International Union of Kettlebell Lifting
Marcin Filipiak

He conducts classes on three levels in his club: CrossFit, Weightliftng and Kettlebell Lifting. He regularly competes in Kettlebell competitions in Poland and abroad.

  • 2017 World Champion in Kettlebell liftng - Internatioanl Kettlebell Lifting Federation
  • 2017 Double Greece Champion in Kettlebell lifting
  • 2017 Double Champion in Croatia Kettlebell GAMES lifting
  • 2017 Polish Kettlebell Championship Lifting - Gwardia competition
  • In 2018, I was one of the few athletes in Gorzów who received a sports scholarship from the President of the City of Gorzów Wlkp.
  • Health, motivation and of course, strength are very important to me when I have high training loads and run a club. These are the reasons why I decided to introduce the Genactiv Sport colostrum as the supplement because - like me - it works in three dimensions. I am the proud ambassador of the Genactiv Sport brand and I recommend it to every prudent athlete and trainer.
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