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  1. immunity - regulation and strenthening - Colostrigen capsules, Colostrigen sachets, EQ ACTIV
  2. general well-being - inflow of energy, vitality, strengthening during recovery after illness - Colostrigen capsules, Colostrigen sachets, EQ ACTIV
  3. problems of the elderly age - improvement of cognitive processes (the presence of PRP protein), energy inflow - Colostrigen capsules, Colostrigen sachets,
  4. gastric problems - mare's milk is more easily absorbed than cow's milk, it is an alternative for people allergic to casein proteins - EQ ACTIV
  5. care about skin with problems - Colostrigen R cream, Colostrigen capsules
  6. special care of the scalp, stimulation of hair growth, protection against harmful effects of chemical compounds (e.g. contained in hair dyes) - serum ColosRegen hair growth factor ColosRegen blocker, Colostrigen capsules, ColosRegen - shampoo and nourishing and regenerating mask.
  7. daily skin care - inhibition of skin aging processes, soothing of irritation - intensely regenerating cream Colostrigen R, Colostrigen EQ moisturizing and soothing cream, Colostrigen R-nourishing and revitalizing mask.
  8. sports training - acceleration of regeneration after workout, immunity to infections - Immuno Colostrum EQ, Immuno Colostrum Active.

Hair health


Skin health

What distinguishes colostrum Genactiv?

Genactiv uses its original drying method of colostrum, using freeze and lyophilization processes. Therefore, the Genactiv colostrum preserves the full value of the fresh product.
Only the method of freezing and lyophilization guarantees maintaining the biological value of the fresh product. The temperature during the process does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. As a result, active protein components are not denatured.
Drying with the use of high temperature changes the properties of the raw material - valuable active substances are destroyed and the taste and smell of the obtained dry product changes too.
The lyophilization process is definitely slower and more expensive than the drying process at high temperature, but it guarantees the preservation of the properties of the natural product.

Genactiv obtains colostrum within 1-2 hours after the start of lactation.
Colostrum is produced in milk glands only for the first few hours after the start of lactation. Its composition gradually changes into milk.

Colostrum produced by Genactiv is not subject to any modifications. Genactiv products are completely natural.
Contrary to the descriptions on the packaging of other products, colostrum, which has been changed by removing fat, casein or other components is no longer a natural colostrum. Its activity is not identical to the activity of natural colostrum containing full components.

Genactiv obtains colostrum from cows of a herd raised in Wielkopolska region. The herd is under constant veterinary control, and colostrum is only taken from fully healthy cows in perfect hygienic conditions. Thanks to such rigors, the colostrum produced by Genactiv has obtained safety and cleanliness certificates.
Because colostrum must retain its unique properties, it can not be subjected to any thermal treatment and it is very important how and from what cows it is obtained. It is important the health of the cows, the conditions in which they are bred, the hygiene conditions in which colostrum is taken. Some producers buy colostrum from many small farms, where the cattle is not under any control.

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